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Sara is an innovative storyteller of page, stage, and screen, who journeys through life catching stories where they fly. Equipped with an overactive imagination, she loves writing stories that tell of the great Love that pursues us all. Sara loves writing stories and creating retreats and resources that awaken dreams and abundant life. 

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the restlands

 This allegorical tale of a woman on a hike with God will take your heart on a divine journey to explore the wilds of rest, experience the incomparable nature of God’s goodness, and awaken the deep places inside to freedom.

"This book hooked me the moment I opened it up. I had ordered it to read with my book club as I often open up books and began to read the first few pages to get a feel of the energy of them but this one I could not put down. This book was such an easy read but also made my soul feel good. The way Sara writes out her "hike" with God was extremely relatable to my own walk. I loved the beautiful use of metaphors in the book! I absolutely love this book and thank her for being a channel for me to listen in to what my soul is asking of me at this time in my life! "

"The first time I read this book- I couldn't put it down. Now I am re-reading one "chapter" at a time. It is easy to read and so filled with depth that I'm sure I will be enjoying it for years to come. I highly recommend this book - whether you have just met God - "Papa' -- or have walked with Him for years - this picture of the intimate and healthy relationship we can have will inform/inspire you -- it certainly has done that for me."

"I was reluctant to buy it at first since I generally only enjoy non-fiction, but it blew me away and brought me to tears at one point. It’s a beautiful, adventurous journey and was so revealing of my own heart!"

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On deep breaths and new journeys

On deep breaths and new journeys

It’s always okay to take a deep breath and start again.  I love learning. Like – really, really love learning.  I love understanding how things work and teaching myself how to do things. So when I ventured out to release a book and start doing more of an...

When Chaos is your Canvas

When Chaos is your Canvas

The whole world is groaning. I’m sure we all feel it in some manner or another. I find it interesting as our manmade world spins seemingly out of control, how much I have run to the very creation that groans – asking it to steady me with its simplicity and...

The God who Listens

The God who Listens

We sat at a coffee shop in Banff, Canada. I nibbled on a simple salad with walnuts, beets, and goat cheese.  Gotta eat granola when you’re hanging in the trendiest national park in Canada, eh?  Actually.  I love beets. There I said it. Don’t judge. My...

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