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Noah (age 7): Hey Aunt Sara, can I do my homework in your room?
Aunt Sara: Sure thing, bud, come on in.
Noah: What have you been doing, Aunt Sara?
Aunt Sara: Oh, well, today I was sending off some books to some friends.
Noah: What book is it?
Aunt Sara: Well, it’s a book I wrote, you wanna see?

(Noah looks at book)

Noah: Cool. What’s it about?
Aunt Sara: It’s a book of little stories about God taking people on adventures.
Noah: Oh, it’s like the Hobbit.
Aunt Sara: The Hobbit?
Noah: Yeah, you know how Gandalf is always looking for people to take on adventures.
Aunt Sara: Huh. Yeah, I guess it’s kinda like the Hobbit.
Noah: Cool. Hey, Aunt Sara, after we finish my homework, can you help me write a book, like a real one like yours?
Aunt Sara: I’d love to.


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