Welcome to the word, little guy.

Today you embark on a whole new journey. One where you step out into the real world, and see what it holds for you. Now, we’ve spent many-a-day preparing for this moment, so don’t be afraid.

You may not know everything, but you know who you are.

You’re a little book of short stories, filled with great encounters.

Don’t be intimidated by a world that may not understand you. Everybody wants to be a novel these days, but be proud of your short-story-ness. You accomplish in five pages, what others take multiple volumes to reveal. It’s okay to be to the point. Some people kinda dig that. It might even be retro or hip or trending or on fleek or something. You never can tell these days.

Just know, you are your own tale, and I’m very proud of you.

I’ve watched how you share yourself so freely with kids and adults and grandmas and grandpas. And I’ve seen how people really enjoy who you are. Don’t worry about trying to make a name for yourself or impress everybody you meet. Just be you. You are more than the words you share, we know that, don’t we? You are the beautiful creation of an unseen journey. One that was full of love – and full of encounter.

And so that is what you have to give. Love and encounter.
Just love the one in front of you, Invitation.
For that is why you are here.

The hand behind the pen,


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