The Restlands audio book


The Restlands returns as an exceptional audio experience. Follow Scribe and Papa again, and relive the moving journey as told by the author, herself.  This rich tale, backed with a full original music score, will sweep you into the wilderness on a journey with God into the land of rest, where you just might hear things you’ve never heard before. 

Narration by Sara Rust

Music by Sylvia and Michael Woelfel

Audio recording and mixing by Michael Woelfel and Jon Daniels

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The Restlands debuted as an episodic tale on my blog in the summer of 2016. It was a story birthed out of a hard season where life was tinted with sadness and dreams appeared to be dwindling. To hold onto a measure of hope, I began to write. With no plan for where the story would go, what it would really be about, or if it would ever end, I started. The story was an invitation. I needed rest – not just physically, but a rest for the places deep inside me. Papa says that sometimes He hides things in the strangest places. I wasn’t expecting to find what I found on the trail.

One Woman. One God. One Unforgettable Hike.

The Restlands is a simple but stunning story. This allegorical tale of a woman on a hike with God will take your heart on a divine journey to explore the wilds of rest, experience the incomparable nature of God’s goodness, and awaken the deep places inside to freedom.

Some journeys change you forever.

If you are looking for REST, if you are looking for HOPE, if you are looking for FREEDOM, I invite you to join me on a journey into the Restlands.

This is hike you don’t want to miss.

Because sometimes pages hold more than words.

See you on the trail.

 “I’ve seen, Scribe. I’ve seen what you can do working hard. I am a proud Papa – always. Let’s watch what I can do when you rest.”


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