She laced her shoes.  

Though small in stature, her poise spoke of power.  

He crept around, this unwelcome guest.  His shoes were laced, though clumsily.  

She walked to the middle of the room and began to move, smoothly with her toes skimming the floor.  He followed her like a snake, sliding his fumbling feet while stretching his arms high.  He always tried to look bigger than he was.  She sighed with determination. It was a familiar dance. 

Fear would follow her often. His great desire was always to bind her movements.  When he was there, the room seemed smaller. His leathery hands would interrupt her chaines across the floor.  When she rose high, he was there looking down. When she bowed low, he mimicked. As hard as she tried, she found it hard not to look at him. Frustration led to tears.  This place of solitude, this place of rest – he had come to steal both.

“Why is he here?” Papa spoke softly.

She turned to see His face – but there was no one.  Again she heard Him.

“Why is he here?”

Fear was undeterred. The dancer knew he could not hear Papa.

“I did not invite him in,” Papa gently offered. “Did you?”

She stopped and looked at Fear.  Of course Papa didn’t invite him.  He would never do such a thing.  But that left only one culprit.

“I think I did.” she answered. It had been so long, she hardly remembered when she had opened the door for him to share the dance floor.  

“Would you like him to go?” 

She nodded.

“Then tell him.”

Surely it was not so easy.  Without much to lose, she simply whispered to the room, “It’s time for you to go.”

Fear stopped mid-movement and glared at her.  He looked defeated, and sulked slowly out of the room.

Upon the quick slam of the door, she heard the Voice again, “This is what I invited you into.”

She turned carefully and saw Him at once standing beside her.  “Where did you…?”

“I’ve always been here. But Fear tends to block the view. Where were we?”


“We were dancing, weren’t we?  I know it’s hard to see Me sometimes with him in the room.  But now there are no distractions, Little One.”

She smiled and took His hand.

“For God has not give us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7